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SMART TARGET GROUP LLC - is a reliable highly reputable consulting company. Established in 2014, SMART TARGET GROUP won confidence and trust of thousands of clients. Investors who use our services get approximately around 130% annual net profit for their investments. Our core values are teamwork, real partnership, rendering professional services in trading and analytics which lead us to growth and success. We bring the best people together to help clients discern new possibilities and pursue them with success.
Our experts provide consulting services on basic issues regarding financial markets. Over 6,000 investors got started earning due to the services provided. Trading markets become the main source of income for the majority of them. Due to the services we provide our investors made their dreams come true. When they dropped out of the rat race money started working for them.
OUR MISSION aims to help our customers become investors. In the era of information technologies, our well-being is no longer formed by the accumulation of resources as they depreciate and go down in value too fast. Sustained financial growth is mostly due to investment including self-investment. Money tends to lose its value. Banks lose their licenses. However, only the markets were, are and will always be. Our goal is conveying and providing our customers with the information on trading market and investment principles. After all, the higher the welfare of each individual, the higher the standard of living in the country. We wish that population of Russia come out to the top of the standard of living, as well as welfare.
OUR MAIN GOAL – is to help our customers enhance the high standard of living and come out to the top. Most analysts work out investment strategies on a daily basis which give investors access to higher yields and facilitate to invest in the most profitable financial instruments. Over the years we have been able to prove that we deserve high trust and credibility.


INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO — is a collection of assets owned by an individual or by an institution for certain purposes. An investor's portfolio can include precious metals, such as gold bars, stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, money market funds, exchange traded funds. Portfolios are considered to be well assembled if market losses and potential gains are pre-regulated.

There are lots of tools for investment. Our experts choose the most effective ones for a certain period of time upon client's request. Then experts draw up profitability and risk ratios, including geopolitical situation in countries where companies are set up and located. The experts make up a strategic plan according to investment values regarding each specific instrument. Further, the final set of investment instruments has to be assembled with regard of potential gains, costs, fees for the whole period of project.

We constantly keep in touch with you. We monitor all assets prices and make adjustments if necessary. We constantly check the relevance of the investment prerequisites which served as a signal for the purchase of these specific assets.



Is a cooperation which implies that your investment portfolio is assembled by our experts for a certain period of time. After purchase, monitoring, buying and selling shares is to be operated on your own. We support you by providing market news, economic and financial reports, information on payment of dividends.

The service fee
is 5% of the profit

Is a cooperation which implies that your investment portfolio is to be referred to SMART TARGET GROUP LLC Personal Manager. We advise and provide you with recommendations on appropriate timing of buying and selling shares. You get the information via SMS with a follow-up call from our Personal Manager who will save you from mistakes. All transactions on buying and selling shares and securities are to be operated on your own by phone call, program software or mobile application.

The service fee
is 7-9% of the profit

It is created for those who do not have time to understand the subtleties of exchange trade, as well as make deals and transactions on their own. This cooperation implies referral of rights and obligations to SMART TARGET GROUP LLC Managing Trader. You can choose a Managing Trader on your own using the database of experts and professionals all over Russia.

The trader service fee
is 30% of the profit
We consider all comments and preferences when cooperating with customers. Your opinion is a key factor when developing investment strategy.
All your investments are closely watched and monitored by SMART TARGET GROUP experts. You are provided with news and information by a personal manager via SMS or phone call.
The best analysts monitor market trends on a daily basis. They forecast stock market trends based on different methods of analysis so that our customers are on the safe side when it comes to sudden leaps as they are ready for possible changes in stock prices.

Free call within Russia

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